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Laguna Beach addiction intervention


An intervention can help you bring together an addicted loved one with concerned family and friends to strategically address the dangers of their addiction.


A sober companion provides around the clock, in person emotional and physical sobriety safeguard for events, travel and high risk situations. We will help you protect the recovery you worked so hard for


Sometimes we are aware we need to pivot course and plan, at other times we experience a wake-up call and the urgency becomes evident. The solution is to identify someone who cares about our ultimate success, who understands the challenges that are going to arise and can serve as a source of expertise, guidance, and inspiration.

when we are dealing with something difficult, we commonly prefer to confide in people who have been through what we are going through rather than those who know us” 

Mario Luis Small, Harvard sociologist and author of 

Someone to Talk To,

Laguna Beach addiction recovery
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