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Recovery Coach - Mentorship

At times, we feel the need to change the direction of our lives, while at other times, we experience a wake-up call that makes the need for change become evident. Regardless of how you got here, to be successful in recovery takes more than luck because there’s always going to be something or someone that can steer you off course. A recovery coach can significantly increase your success in addiction recovery by mentoring you to define and achieve your life goals. A sober coach can help you stay focused and on track, understand and navigate your challenges whilst building on your strengths. They are committed to your long-term success.

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Benefits of A Recovery Coach

*A recovery coach does not provide treatment or diagnose

We're here for you

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Feeling confused or scared while dealing with addiction is a common experience. It is normal to feel isolated and think that no one can relate to your struggles. Please know that we understand what you are going through and are here to support you through every phase of your journey. Are you looking for a sober coach, recovery coach, or mentor in Los Angeles or Orange County? Reach out to us today for confidential support.

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