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Q: How do I know it's time for an intervention?

A: By definition, intervention is “action taken to improve a situation”. Help can be sought at any time.

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Q: How intervention works?

  1. Make a plan. A family member or friend proposes an intervention and forms a planning group. ...

  2. Gather information. ...

  3. Form the intervention team. ...

  4. Decide on specific consequences. ...

  5. Make notes on what to say. ...

  6. Hold the intervention meeting. ...

  7. Follow up. Read more

Q: Are all rehab and treatment centers 12-step?

A: No. There are many successful paths to recovery, a 12-step program is just one of them.

Q. How can I get treatment when I can't miss work?

A. Laguna Intervention has outpatient recovery resources that can bring detox and treatment to you.

Q: Can I hire someone to come to an event with me so I don't relapse?

A: Yes. A Sober Companion is trained for high-pressure situations and in relapse prevention.

Q. How can I function without taking an upper?

A: A Brain Health Coach is trained in overcoming fatigue, anxiety, and cognitive dysfunction.

Q. Is Laguna Intervention a treatment center?

A. No. Laguna Intervention is a consulting and treatment support service.  We provide immediate support for clients seeking treatment (intervention, safe transport), tailored options for inpatient or outpatient detox and rehab, and post care support (sober companion, life and health coaching and fitness).

Q: Is Laguna Intervention affiliated with a particular treatment center or rehab?

A: No. Laguna Intervention is not affiliated or contracted with any treatment center or other business entity.

Q. How can I get help with weight gain after getting sober.

A. A fitness, nutrition and brain health coach has experience in managing how the body behaves post-drug use.

Q: How do I find a private and confidential rehab center,

A: Laguna Intervention can arrange that rehab and detox be brought to the client’s location or we can arrange the use of a private site.

Q. How can I get sober when I don't want to  give up drinking?

A. Harm reduction is an alternative to total abstinence.

Q: Can a sober companion travel out of the USA?

A: Yes. laguna Intervention can pair you with a sober companion that can travel worldwide visa-free or visa-on-arrival to 190 countries.

Q:  How can a parent of an addict get help? 

A: Laguna Intervention offers family recovery coaching and Christian family recovery coaching.

Q: How can I get help for porn addiction?

A: laguna Intervention can help with process addictions such as sex, gambling, and overeating.

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