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Nessa kavanagh

Nessa Kavanagh is a clinical addiction interventionist and recovery coach. She is the founder of Laguna Intervention.


Providing personalized solutions that foster mental, physical, and lifestyle health while restoring balance for long-term success.

Dear friend,

If I could say only one thing to you, I would say this: Start by doing nothing. Yes, you read that right.  That big change you're looking for starts by doing nothing. Let me explain. We live in a society where, more often than not, the resounding narrative is to take big action. To do more, make more, say more, move more, see more, show more - you know how it goes. So much so that there’s huge shame attached to even the thought of doing nothing; well, let me tell you that doing nothing is a key requirement to achieving that goal that’s in your heart. There's power is in the pause, my friend.

Something powerful happens when a habitual negative action is denied, and for that moment, instead, you do nothing. A gap then opens, and space is made. How you fill that space will change the course of your life.

Be steadfast. The more space you create, the more you win.

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